Thursday, May 11, 2017

Come Walk With Us!


The Smile-A-Mile Buddy Walk

is Coming Up!!

Come join our annual event, in conjunction with The National Down Syndrome Society, to help raise community awareness for Down syndrome and other developmentally disabilities in Marion County!
On Saturday, June 10th, from 9a m-12 noon we'll be down at Nipper Park in down town Hannibal, where we'll be hosting crowds of families, care providers, and developmentally disabled individuals, as well as different area businesses, press, and local organizations, too. Together, we'll be walking one mile to help show our support and further awareness! While there, we'll also have live music, fresh BBQ, and various live entertainment, as well as an address from this year's keynote speaker from Reece's Rainbow!

Every cent raised goes to benefit MCSDD and NDSS's continuing efforts to help increase choice, respect, ability, and involvement for the developmentally disabled in Marion County.
See you there

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Work for MCSDD!

Hey, did you hear?

We're hiring!

See our Employment & Volunteer Tab (above) for more!

And while you're at it, help us spread the word - whether online or through word of mouth!

Tell a friend, will you?


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Results Are In:

Athletes Day Survey Results 2016

What sports would you like to compete in? (circle as many as you want)
·       basketball 23
·       relays 11
·       softball throw 22
·       frisbee throw 13
·       horseshoes 18
·       football toss 12
·       standing long jump 11

Do you prefer morning or afternoon for Athlete’s Day?(circle one)
·       morning 21
·       afternoon 5

Would you like to have competition, different games or both?(circle one)
·       competition 3
·       different games 3
·       both 19

Would you like to see health and safety booths at Athlete’s Day along with competing/games?
·       Yes 23
·       No 7

Please put any additional comments that would be helpful to us to make Athlete’s Day better?
- “I like coming to Athlete’s Day”

- “Bocce, volleyball, soccer”

- “Marion County Services are wonderful people who care about individuals with special abilities. They help many of all ages reach goals lots of community such as Athlete’s Day, dances, prom and camps. Thanks for doing all.”

Monday, August 15, 2016

Open Interview Call!!

Marion County Service 

Open Interview Call!


Taking place Thursday, March 23rd

at our 12 Northport office

in Hannibal, Missouri

from 5 - 7pm

Need a job?

~ Smiling Faces Welcome ~

-what we're hiring for:

  • Full Time Day Program staff

  • Full Time Residential Instructors

    • Part Time Residential Instructors

    • Part Time Community Integration staff