Our Story

Our Mission:
To Increase Choice, Respect, Ability, and Involvement for the Developmentally Disabled Citizens of Marion County.

 Our Philosophy
“Filling the gaps in service to meet the needs of people with disabilities” 
 Our primary goal is to find innovative ways to support the families and bolster the independence of individuals with disabilities.

Marion County Services for the Developmentally Disabled has been serving individuals and their families in our local community for over 25 years.   Throughout our years of service, we’ve exponentially grown through the demands for needs right here in our own county. Just ask a few of our founding  employees, and they’ll tell you exactly how we’re continuing to find innovative health and living support options which foster greater independence.
                   Marion County Services also helps individuals and their families identify, apply for and obtain health and wellness-based grants which further enable their own self-advocacy and quality of life. Our citizens and neighbors who we enable often need adaptive equipment, help with costs for medical travel so they can obtain the regular, quality help they need, and assistance with every-day living – just to name a few. This is primarily where grant funding we receive is specifically allocated for. Marion County Services for the Developmentally Disabled translates into real, professional enabling of real individuals in our community to continue to receive the quality help they need- this means ensuring quality of life for our neighbors- funds for healthy and fulfilling lives- and the fulfillment of the continuing promise towards tangible equality for every developmentally disabled citizen of Marion County.