Friday, August 28, 2015

Free Dental Screening & Floride Treatment for Individuals!

Sept 25th at 12 Northport Plaza from 10a-12

*must have completed guardian consent form


Fluoride Varnish – A Smile Saver

What is fluoride varnish?

·       It is fluoride in a resin or polyurethane base (varnish)

How is it applied?

·       It is painted on the teeth with a small disposable brush

Why is it used?

·       It is used to prevent cavities & even reverse the damage of an area of a tooth where a cavity is just beginning to form

Who should get fluoride varnish?

·       Anyone who is at risk for getting tooth decay.  Some risk factors for tooth decay are:

1.    Has had tooth decay already (1 or more cavities)
2.    Has white spots on teeth
3.    Has a parent with a history of tooth decay (cavities, filled or unfilled)
4.    Has unlimited access to drinking liquids other than water (soda, sports drinks, Kool-aid, juice, milk)
5.    Is a person with disabilities

Fluoride varnish is both safe & beneficial for all ages (infants, toddlers, children, teens & adults)

 Please download, fill out and return the guardian consent form first! 
(see below)

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