Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Results Are In:

Athletes Day Survey Results 2016

What sports would you like to compete in? (circle as many as you want)
·       basketball 23
·       relays 11
·       softball throw 22
·       frisbee throw 13
·       horseshoes 18
·       football toss 12
·       standing long jump 11

Do you prefer morning or afternoon for Athlete’s Day?(circle one)
·       morning 21
·       afternoon 5

Would you like to have competition, different games or both?(circle one)
·       competition 3
·       different games 3
·       both 19

Would you like to see health and safety booths at Athlete’s Day along with competing/games?
·       Yes 23
·       No 7

Please put any additional comments that would be helpful to us to make Athlete’s Day better?
- “I like coming to Athlete’s Day”

- “Bocce, volleyball, soccer”

- “Marion County Services are wonderful people who care about individuals with special abilities. They help many of all ages reach goals lots of community such as Athlete’s Day, dances, prom and camps. Thanks for doing all.”

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